New Sails

The old main and 140% Genoa go into Dick Lathrop's car on their way to outfit his donated Endeavour 32 that is used by his program Virtual Voyages, Inc. to introduce inner city children in New London, CT to sailing.

I had thought to keep them for spares but, having spent the core of the most active part of my career deeply involved with sail training vessels and programs, I didn't feel like I had much choice when I learned that a program like this was sailing an E 32 with a set of near rags. My old sails still have a few seasons in them but I need a good strong set for Newfoundland.

Here is my old main hard at work:

Virtual Voyages now has a scholarship program and I received this email from Dick:

Greetings, Friend:

I am writing to request your support for a scholarship fund that has evolved at Virtual Voyages, a non-profit organization offering sailing and educational enrichment to underprivileged children .

Our first scholarship recipient is a young sailor from our program who applied to and was accepted at The Williams School. The child is a minority, an orphan, and lives under impoverished circumstances. But he is academically gifted, a year ahead of his grade level, and reports from his teachers at Williams have him thriving in this new, challenging setting.

Williams has provided partial financial aid for this student, and Virtual Voyages has raised the remaining tuition for his current (Sophomore) year. We seek your support so that we can continue to provide aid for him and grow our scholarship fund for other participants in our program who may benefit from appropriate educational opportunities.

Virtual Voyages, Inc. began in 1998. We serve disadvantaged children, most of whom live in or near port cities, yet have no experience in the maritime world. In the past ten years we have taken more than a thousand kids on our boats. We provide weekly hands-on educational adventures on the water in the summer, and on shore, monthly, for the rest of the year. We build a sense of responsibility and help our sailors become leaders. In their second, third and fourth summers they help us teach new recruits.

Thanks for your interest and for your support. Attached is our
tax letter from the IRS. It certifies our 501(c)3 status making your donation tax deductible.


Dick Lathrop, CEO and Founder
Virtual Voyages, Inc.
19 Guthrie Place
New London, CT 06320

(860) 912-5393

Please consider supporting this future sailor.

My new sails were built by Bayview Sails and Rigging in Yarmouth. They did beautiful work on my new lifelines last year and their price was nearly 20% under any of the other quotes. The new suit are extra weight blue water sails. The main is triple stitched with two full and two partial battens and a third reef line for when the glass is really low.

The new Genoa is a compromise sail with a high cut clew for better visibility and small enough that it will still have decent shape when reefed down to working jib size. It won't have quite the power on a reach but the boat goes so much better to windward with the working jib in a fresh breeze that I expect the appproximately 115% Genoa to be an overall improvement in ground covered without the inconvienience of switching headsails. Sails without the shape changes of two decades of use should also make "Strider" positively dance this season.

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