S/V Strider - New Livery

What's a "Livery"?, you may ask. Well, if you are talking about airplanes or railroad equipment, it is just a fancy word for "Paint Job". I've never heard it used in a nautical context but, why not?

Strider was pretty ugly seen close up. The so 70's brown sheer stripe and boot top were set off with metallic gold tape that had chipped and cracked over the years and the sheer paint was covered with cracks and worn spots that let the gray primer show through. One of the late spring projects for 2008 was sanding off the paint stripes. The sheer stripe was redone with Benjamin Moore Z-22 Industrial Urethane paint in "True Green". This is a self priming paint and the stuff they paint things like dumpsters and road equipment with. It was half the price of marine paint and I got exactly the color that matched the new name and port decal on the transom.

I don't know exactly where the waterline is going to end up with the weight I've added and the boat was down a bit at the stern with the added weight of the windvane so I had a grass fringe around the aft quarters last season. I decided to go with the style of the commercial boats I'm used to and dispense with a boot top, simply bringing the anti-fouling paint up to the top of the existing boot top. Since I wasn't committed to the VC-17M, which no other paint will stick to, at the boot top, I used Red Pettit Unepoxy on the boot top. I will be switching to red VC-17m for the underbody which should be a close match. The boot top won't be quite as shiny or clean but nobody looks down there anyway and I won't have grass growing around the waterline.

There is no wax on those topsides yet. Laura Rendell, Captain's Dream, 207-756-5244, buffed them up to look better bare than they have after even the professional buff and wax job I had done when I first bought the boat. She is a genius. Once I get a coat of wax on the boat, the topsides should look fairly presentable except for gelcoat blisters that maybe I'll get inspired to do something about next year.

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